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Wind energy is considered as one of the alternate non-conventional renewable source of energy, ultimate answer for the future. The power generated from the wind energy generators is fed to the Tamilnadu State Electricity Board's Grid and adjusted in the power consumption of various industries, established by the group.

Sri Navamani Wind Farms owns Four Wind Energy Generators (WEG) located near Gudimangalam, Coimbatore in Tamilnadu State. Total installed capacity of the WEGs is 1MW. Out of these, Two are of “NEPC” make each of capacity 0.225 MW and another Two are of “Pioneer-Wincon” make contributing 0.250 MW each. .

These WEGs are 50 metres in height, made of tubular steel, conical type in shape with 3 blades each. These operate at a start-up wind speed of 2.5 m/s, rated wind speed being 13 m/s and with a survival wind speed of 70 m/s. Blades are made of GRP/Epoxy resin and the swept area is 7.07 sq.m. Generators are of synchronous type. These designed to consume minimum reactive power from TNEB grid and are of Variable speed with geared technology. .

All these WEGs generate around 20 lakhs units of power annually depending on wind velocity, which is a variable factor. As these WEGs are seasonal in character, power is mainly generated during the months of May to September, tapering in October and coming down further in November, December and January/February, picking up again in March and peaking thereafter from April onwards. .

Wind velocity is a changing factor every year and therefore output also varies. WEGs of SICL are performing very well over the years considering normal standards. Power generated is directly fed to TNEB grid as well as wheeled to our sister concerns. .