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Mr.M.Venkatesalu , aged 61 years is the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of the Navamani Group of Companies. His 4 decades of experience in the fields of Electrical, Electro-plating, Textiles and various other fields is the back bone of the group. He is responsible for Planning, Execution and Management activities of the group. He also takes responsibility for the groups policy matters, project expansions, finance outlays and Investments.

He is very active in his personal life and public life as well. He is the Chartered Member of the Lions club of Coimbatore Sidhapudur. He has come attained numerous awards for his excellence in services. He is the Managing Trustee of the “Sri Navamani Charitable Trust”. He is the Honorable Secretary of Sri Sakthi Vinayagar, Sri Balamurugan Alayam. .

65 Years

of Successful

Three Sons are the three great pillars of our group

Mr.Ramesh Babu

Aged 35 years an engineering graduate specialized in Electrical and electronics. He joined the group as a Director in the year 1992. He has wide experience in the fields of Electrical and Electro-plating He is responsible for the Electro-plating division and new initiatives. A very active member of the “Coimbatore District Small Industries Association” (CODISSIA) is been appointed as Joint Secretary.

Mr.Sridhar Babu

Aged 32 years is an MBA from University of Western Sydney, Australia. He joined the group as a Director in the year 2000. He is responsible for the Electrical, Engineering and Servicing division. He is also responsible for the groups Management and Administration works.

Mr.Prem Anand

Aged 30 years. The youngest Director in the group. He is a graduate specialized in the field of Textiles. Has a thorough practical and academic knowledge in the field of Textiles. His contribution to the group started from his college days itself, right from the year 1997.